How to Find Time to Exercise in College While Balancing Everything Else

How to Find Time to Exercise in College While Balancing Everything Else

No matter how prepared you are, or think you may be, college can be stressful for everyone. College is a big transition for a teenager that is fresh out of high school. Between meeting new friends, trying to stay in touch with old ones, spending time with family, jobs, social events, and classes, the thing that always gets left behind is your health. College students are often left wondering how to find time to exercise in college. As a college student, not enough time is being spent in the gym or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It may not be easy to be healthy and spend enough time in the gym, but it is possible.



How to Find Time to Exercise in College?

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you balance all your stresses as a college student, while still getting exercise and eating the proper diet:


Time Management

The first and best way to find time to exercise in college is by time management. Get a weekly planner and once you have your schedule for the week figured out, schedule your study times and your time at the gym. Spend an hour or two studying then take a break and go to the gym or go for a walk around campus with your friends. Exercise is proven to increase brain functioning and cognition skills. An hour workout break between studying can help you to unwind, relieve some stress, give your brain a break and then give you a boost of energy before starting to study again.


Exercise With a Friend

Coordinating times to exercise with a friend helps keep both of you on track. You are together to motivate each other and keep each other active. You can push each other in the gym. Time always goes quicker when you have a gym buddy.


Make Exercising Enjoyable

Sign up for classes that your gym offers. Instead of doing routine workouts every day, sign up for workout classes. Most gyms offer a variety of classes to make working out fun.


Get a Personal Trainer

Instead of working out with a friend, work out with a personal trainer. Learn the proper way to use the gym’s equipment and find a workout based on your needs and goals. Personal trainers are at gyms to help you get into shape!


Set Up a Reward System

Set up a calendar in your room and write down every day you go to the gym or have a really good workout. Reward yourself for a good workout one day or going to the gym seven days in a row. Push yourself to hit new goals every month and reward yourself with something fun, like a nice dinner out with friends, pedicure, or those new pair of shoes you have been eyeing for the last week.

It can be challenging somedays to find the extra time to hit the gym while in college. But exercising can help lower stress, and as college students, we are under A LOT of stress and pressure while in school. Take a study break in between cramming for an exam and find some time to spend in the gym. It will help calm you down and you will be able to focus better after a gym break.


By: Ashley Newcombe, E’ville Fitness Staff

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