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E’ville Fitness offers a wide array of personal training options for individuals of all age and athletic abilities. As an E’ville Fitness member, you will be set up with a free consultation with one of our experienced and certified personal trainers, who will provide you with a full fitness assessment and recommendations on what steps to take to start your fitness journey. Our Edwardsville personal trainers will help you reach your fitness goals by setting you up with workouts, meal plans, and lifestyle tips that fit your specific needs. Our staff of fitness professionals are highly educated and well knowledged in kinesiology, exercise physiology, health, and wellness. Unlike some other fitness centers, our personal trainers have dedicated their life to fitness and wellness education. All of our trainers hold training certifications and most hold a fitness and wellness degree in higher education.

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No matter what your fitness goals – lose weight, tone muscle, create a healthier lifestyle, or prepare for a big event – we offer support to help you reach those strength and conditioning fitness goals with state of the art equipment, a variety of training options, and a team of fitness professionals.

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E’ville Fitness: Premiere Edwardsville Personal Training Facility

At E’ville Fitness, we offer a number of different personal training programs for our members.

One-On-One Personal Training Programs

We offer one-on-one personal training, in which a member of our Edwardsville personal training team coaches you through your workouts, which are tailored to your fitness abilities and goals. Your personal trainer can also give you nutritional advice and lifestyle tips to help you reach your goals quicker. Your personal trainer is right there throughout your workout, giving you advice, helping you with your form, and motivating you to push to yourself to your limits.

We have one-on-one trainers with expertise in a wide range of training methods – from athletic training, injury recovery, vitality training, and even pre & post maternal personal training programs.

Our one-on-one personal training sessions are fit around your schedule. You choose when and how often you want to meet with your personal trainer. The advantage of one-on-one personal training? It’s all about you. Your personal trainer is focused solely on seeing you improve and reach your goals. Your personal trainer will design workout programs and meal plans that are specified to you and your needs.

We also offer sports-specific one-on-one training programs for athletes looking to improve their game. Want to cut time off your 40m or fix the mechanics in your golf swing? E’ville Fitness has a program for you.

For more information about one-on-one group training, fill out our online fitness consultation sheet.

Group Training Programs

E’ville Fitness also offers a number of group training programs ranging from small group training to team training sessions and everything in-between.

Our popular small group training programs include Synergy-360 TRX high-intensity training, holistic fusion classes, introductory weight training for men and women, and more. These small group training sessions are lead by a member of our personal training team that is best suited for the training program. For more information about our small group times and prices, contact carie@evillefitness.com or visit the office during staffed hours.

We also offer larger group training programs, such as corporate training programs and group athletic programs. Our large group programs are designed to meet the specific needs of a larger group of individuals that share a common fitness goal. Our large group training programs are very popular with athletes looking to improve their game. We host training programs designed to enhance your general athletic ability. We also host sports-specific programs to improve certain aspects of an athlete’s game. These programs are lead by a member, or multiple members, of our training team. We also host training programs lead by members of our community who are not E’ville Fitness employees – such as sports specific team training exercises directed by successful Edwardsville area athletes and coaches. If you are interested in participating in or leading a large group training program, contact carie@evillefitness.com for more details. Local teams and corporations are welcome!

Looking for an Edwardsville Personal Trainer?

Whether it’s shedding a few pounds before a big event, training to become a better athlete, or just increasing your overall well-being, E’ville Fitness has a personal training program designed for you. E’ville Fitness is the superior Edwardsville personal training facility. We have everything needed for our members to reach their fitness goals. If we don’t have a specific personal training program that you are interested, let us know. We are always looking for new and creative ways to keep our community active. If you are looking for an Edwardsville personal trainer or personal training facility, look no further – E’ville Fitness. You REP IT LOCAL and we’ll be sure that you reach your fitness goals.

Our approach to fitness is to create a gym with a focus on individual members through fun, creative, and challenging group fitness classes and personal trainings in a clean and upbeat environment. We have 24 hour security for our members to ensure a safe environment.

At E’ville Fitness, we offer a variety of free weights, cardiovascular equipment, and functional training equipment, all of which are some of the best in the fitness market. In addition, we offer a number of different training services, including individual, small group, and athletic focused to help members reach their fitness goals. All training sessions are monitored by our certified personal training staff.

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