Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Get Back Into the Gym

Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Get Back Into the Gym

If we’re all being honest with ourselves by now, we know that New Year’s resolutions aren’t always practical. I mean, can we really expect to find long-term motivation from something as trivial as flipping over the calendar? Besides, New Year’s resolutions begin on January 1st. Which, for us, lucky Mid-westerners, means that we plan on kick-starting our fitness goals during one of the shortest and coldest days of the year. Not exactly the best time to get back into the gym.



Summer is the Perfect Time to Get Back Into the Gym

Does that sound practical?

I didn’t think so either. So, I’ve taken the liberty to provide you with 3 reasons why summer (right now!) is the time to get back in the gym.


1. It’s easier to keep a routine with more hours in the day

I’ve already said it: we set ourselves up for failure when we commit to trusting in the power of the New Year. Wintertime provides us with days that are too short, weather that is bitterly cold, and it’s right in the middle of the holiday season. It is by far the hardest time of the year for committing to something new or challenging.

Getting back into the gym can be hard enough already. Maybe you’ve lost your motivation because you haven’t been in a while, or perhaps you’re not feeling quite as confident without the body that you use to have. You know, the “when-I-was-still-in-shape” body. So, there’s no reason to make a transition harder on yourself. Which is why you don’t want to add winter sadness into this equation.

The time to begin your fitness goals is during the summer, when the days are longer, when the weather is warmer, and when you can wear gym clothes more often.


2. Your energy levels are bound to be higher during the summer

I’ve already mentioned winter sadness, which is a real affliction by the way. Seasonal Affective Disorder, also referred to as SAD, is a common effect our body receives due to a lack of sunlight consistent with the winter months. SAD is characterized by lower levels of serotonin, the drug that is essential to keeping you happy and uplifted.

During the summer, this issue is the least of our worries. The results of several recent studies are revealing a strong correlation between sunlight and serotonin. One study has shown that psychological well-being, productivity, and even sleep quality are strongly dependent upon a certain amount of daylight exposure.

Lucky for you, there is an abundance of daylight exposure during the summertime to grant you higher energy levels and boost your motivation to get you where you belong, in the gym!


3. There is no better time than now

There is a common saying that tomorrow never comes. It simply means that when we keep putting things off until tomorrow or next month or next year, we end up never getting around to it. I’d say we’re all familiar with this in one way or another, unfortunately. But we know it’s true!

Don’t give credence to the ineffective tradition of making a New Year’s resolution. Use the time that you have now to get the fitness goals that you want now. There is more time in the day to enjoy during the summer, more energy to found, and more fitness goals to crush. So, don’t wait until next year to be where you could be next month.



Time to Get Back Into the Gym

Whether you’ve never been in the gym before, or you’ve just taken a little more time off than you wanted to, getting started on your fitness journey can be overwhelming and even intimidating. But these feelings shouldn’t discourage you from taking the first steps towards a better you. With the right support and a little bit of accountability, you’d be amazed at how quickly you can reach your fitness goals. That is why we recommend coming into E’ville Fitness and talking to one of many certified personal trainers who would be happy to get you started on your journey.

Don’t let another year go by, telling yourself “maybe next New Year’s”. Come into E’ville Fitness today, and start a summer resolution that you will achieve!


By Drew Campbell, E’ville Fitness Member

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